Under the umbrella of the Semman brand, we at The Thinnai are uplifting the community around us by showcasing a range of products on our website made by the skilled hands of the Northern province’s craftsmen and women. The designs we use for many of our products have been created exclusively for Semman, to establish a uniqueness and identity for the brand. They are refreshingly different and use a blend of traditional materials unique to the North as well as modern materials.

The Northern Province was subjected to internal conflict for over thirty years, resulting in human and economic suffering for many people in the North. The Thinnai ensures that its Semman products are made in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka by community groups and individuals who were affected by the prolonged conflict, so that it can play a small part in uplifting them.

Our logo Semman was specially crafted, to convey what we at The Thinnai are trying to achieve, using symbols to capture the spirit and culture of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The typeface we have used for Semman represents the word red soil in the Tamil language, a phrase that the people of Jaffna often express fondly when they speak about their homeland in Northern Sri Lanka. The flame is a celebratory and religious motif in the Hindu culture and here it represents a light, illuminating the red soil beneath it, lighting up a path.

We at The Thinnai are confident that when you browse our website, you will discover how refreshingly different and useful our Semman products are and purchase them, thereby helping us sustain our efforts to uplift the local community. By doing so you will be shining a small light of hope on the red soil of the Northern Province.